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Vantage Advisors Announces Research Findings on Financial Industry Awareness and the JOBS Act

1228 Days ago

TRENTON, N.J., Sept. 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Beginning in 2016 the Vantage Advisor management team has been conducting research with respect to the potential impact the JOBS Act legislation will most likely have on four very important areas. Those areas being capital formation for worthy corporate issuers, new business development for financial representatives, new job formations in the private sector, and accelerated wealth creation in stagnant areas of the economy.

The JOBS Act legislation was passed by congress in 2012 and has been in full enactment since 2015.

This legislation is designed to better empower members of the financial services and securities industries in accomplishing their primary roles of capital formation and business support.  The objective of the legislation is to expand the economy, increase job formation, and accelerate wealth creation.  The research conducted was aimed at answering three basic questions.

1) To what degree if any are the financial industry players aware of the new business opportunities now presented as a result of the passing of the JOBS Act?

2)  Once certain key players in the financial industry become aware of the new business opportunities how likely are they to take advantage to any significant degree?

3) At present trajectories what is the likely hood of enough key financial industry participants ultimately becoming aware and taking action that will allow the JOBS Act to be effective the economic stimulus it was intended to be?  

The findings presented by Vantage Advisor's research team are nothing less than disturbing.

First off when interviewing key financial representatives in the industry very few if any knew what the JOBS acronym actually stands for. Moreover the overwhelming majority of those professionals interviewed were totally unfamiliar with the new Regulation A+ and Regulation D provisions, let alone how these provisions relate to the development of new business.

The research team further examined key financial institutions that could most readily benefit from the passing of the JOBS Act. They found that inter corporate and inter departmental communications are all but non existent as it relates to coordination and capturing JOBS Act new business. The institutions and their departments exist in communication vacuums where very little new information is allowed to enter their operational and marketing equations.

As a result the research team has concluded the probability of any coordinated and comprehensive response from these key financial institutions with respect to new business development that takes significant advantage of the JOBS Act legislation is slim to none at all.

The Vantage Advisor's research team finally took a close look at the rate at which registered representatives in the field and the companies they work for are becoming aware of the sweeping changes to the financial industry and the development of new business opportunities with the passing of the JOBS Act. 

The findings were quite telling. The JOBS Act was passed in 2012. It became fully effective in 2015.  Under the most conservative estimates we would assume at least 5% per year of the active and practicing representatives in the industry would become aware and informed about the new financial legislation. We would also assume a majority of those representatives that do become aware would take profitable action in response.

It has been almost seven years since the passing of the legislation so we would expect by now at least 35% of the active representatives in the field would be taking advantage or at least planning to take advantage of the new JOBS Act legislation.

After tallying up the responses the research team calculations suggest the awareness rate among the financial representatives in the field has been far below 5% per year.  The actual rate of awareness is estimated by the research team to be around 1.5% per year since the passing of the JOBS Act legislation in 2012. 

This suggest after seven years no more than a total of 14% of the financial representatives in the field have actually become aware of the opportunities now in place due to passing of the JOBS Act.  At this rate of change among representatives in the financial community the JOBS Act legislation will be up for regulatory review and evaluation before any real benefits are realized by the people the legislation was meant to serve. This is what makes the research findings so disturbing.

The firm principal, Warrick Norman, was quite surprised to see such a muted response to the JOBS Act from financial representatives in the field. He was quite candid in an informal discussion about the research findings. He said, “ I am very confused and quite surprised with these findings. The passing of the JOBS Act  was the most significant financial legislation since the 1933 Securities Act and it is clearly is presenting a rainbow of new business opportunities all throughout the financial services industry. These opportunities I see have long since been considered by the overwhelming majority of reps in the field as the mother's milk transactions. Transactions such as key man insurance, estate tax planning, group benefit planning, offering underwriting, and asset management are a few among many readily identifiable business lines that can be quickly developed and rapidly expanded if relevant financial professionals in key positions were to learn how to communicate and cooperate with one another in new ways now that the laws have changed.”  The firm principal further went on to say, “We have shared our research findings with several highly influential business people, community leaders, and concerned noteworthy individuals. They are also very disturbed by the weak response to this powerful economic legislation. Many of these influential individuals are now starting to discuss procedures that can be implemented to somehow accelerate the intended effects of the JOBS Act legislation”   

A word about Vantage Advisors:

Vantage Advisors LLC is a subsidiary of the Supra Vantage Inc. The Supra Vantage Inc. is the mother company of a portfolio of subsidiaries that focus on various areas of the financial services industry. These subsidiaries have products and services that focus in the areas of asset management, market timing, market analysis, investment banking, and hedge fund offerings.

The firm is particularly dedicated to servicing and cultivating relationships with our investment banking and accredited investor clients. For those entrepreneurs that are looking to “raise money” or “sell securities” for their business operations we at Vantage Advisor’s Capital Division are here to advise, aid, and assist in any way we can.

For more information on Vantage Advisors please email BackOffice@VantageCorporateCapital.com or visit web site WWW.VantageCorporateCapital.com.

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