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The Directed Art Modern is pleased to present: B.L. Jesseph, Rob Anderson and Franck de las Mercedes in the group exhibition Μονόχρωμος (Monokhromos), which takes away all that distracts and draws attention to the importance of the work in front - devoid of color. The Greek word: Monokhromos means using black and white, or the use of one color in varying hues, shades and tones, but for this exhibition the palette is comprised of white, black and their shades - likening the exhibition to a newspaper also stark in black and white, where the news is paramount - the same level of importance is found here in each of the artworks presented - as they all report different qualities of the human condition and experience.

Bringing together three artists, the exhibition also strives to bring about universal truths, and universal hopes. Starting with Rob Anderson, an artist often documenting his experiences in and around New York City through his black and white compositions focuses on the architecture not only surrounding but also of self. Each of his works in the exhibition present landscapes, both literal and metaphorical drawing attention to the interconnectedness of life, objects, people and places, but what is also interesting is to look at the spaces between - the gaps, which at first can be perceived as few but in reality they reinforce how connected we all are, instead of a chaotic city, he argues that we are all closer and interdependent upon one another. Anderson does not present a landscape of random vignettes of city life, but instead draws attention to his truth that in that moment of him creating everyone is connected and necessary not only for his art, but for the city itself.

B. L. Jesseph, an artist utilizing the logic of geometry, focusing on balance and how light can alter perception; Jesseph employs a tool often seen as an instrument of rebellion and creates serene works on paper focusing on not only the color she employs but also her ability to be a creator and metamorphose the paper in front of her to change it from a smooth surface to one over-flowing with texture. The works are often brimming with the new texture, one that she has created, full of geometric balances implying a certain harmony not only within the composition, but also suggesting the same harmony can be achieved elsewhere.

Franck de las Mercedes, in his works for the exhibition, explores his history through his memories of childhood of Nicaragua and how these memories define, and to an extent haunt his adult artwork. Painting with both his non-dominate hand and dominant hand for this exhibition, de las Mercedes switches back and forth from an adult perspective, to that of innocence reinforcing a child-like quality in these works that not only honor heroes and victims but also emphasize the child’s often inability to understand, articulate and accept the harsh and often contrary world around him, and also is juxtaposing this same incredibleness with the experience of adulthood. Normally an artist painting in an exuberant abundance of color, de las Mercedes has silenced his jubilant colors to draw attention to what and who he wants to the viewer to confront - and it is a confrontation because one of the questions in the works is how we, the universal we, allow the suffering not only of those depicted in his works - but generally, how do we stand by and as Susan Sontag has explored - how we address the suffering of others.

Opening July 11, 2019 - 6:00 - 9:00 pm. 

RSVP: vip@thedirectedartmodern.com


About The Directed Art Modern (DAM) www.thedirectedartmodern.com

The Mission of The Directed Art Modern is to Keep Art For Art’s sake. The Directed Art Modern is to be a service to and for artists in all levels of their careers, this includes exhibitions management, and opening doors to not only collectors, but also to the public, in general. To facilitate this, The DAM is a melding of individuals from the art world – an artist, and a curator bringing 27 years of art market experience and by combining these aspects The DAM is able to cover a myriad of topics relating to the career of the artist. With this combination The DAM is able to not only encourage the artist but is also able to negotiate terms for the artist and navigate the labyrinth of today’s modern art market seeking the best opportunities for the artist to move forward in his/her career, thus leaving the artist to be concerned with nothing but his/her artistic vision. With the ever-increasing prices of exhibiting in the modern art market The DAM believes that the art market should be taken back from the vanity trend and returned to the realm of reward for one’s creativity – to do this The DAM will explore not only traditional modes of exhibition, but also innovative locations. Lastly, The DAM’s entire modus operandi is to protect art, the artist, to keep them in the realm of their art and vision, to keep the artist away from the tag of being a money-making entity – to keep art for art’s sake.


Melanie Prapopoulos

Owner,The Directed Art Modern




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